The UI for photolab's advanced mode render quality settings have been redesigned. In this effort, many of the fields and functionality previously kept in the LabRenderQualityBox has now been moved into a new class - AdvancedRenderSettingsBox.

Compile Time Changes


The following fields have been removed from LabRenderQualityBox and instead added to new class AdvancedRenderSettingsBox.

Removed: private UnitField[] fields;
Removed: private UnitField->Object lastRecordedValues();
Removed: private SliderAndNumber masterQualitySlider;
Removed: private Button resetQualitySliderBtn;

Added: private DropDownTreeView masterQualityDropDown;
Added: package AdvancedRenderSettingsBox;

Additionally, the high-quality warning button was changed into a display.

Old: private Button infoB;
New: private Display infoD;

The following methods were removed due to the refactoring.

Removed: final private void qualitySliderChanged() {}
Removed: public void controlChanged(Control c) {}
Removed: public void controlRecievedEnterKey(Control c) {}
Removed: public void controlLostFocus() {}
Removed: final private void buildCustomRealiticRenderControls() {}

As mentioned, much of this functionallity was moved to AdvancedRenderSettingsBox.

Added: public class AdvancedRenderSettingsBox extends LabBox {}


In photolab simple mode, the quality slider was removed and replaced by a dropdown menu.

Removed: private SliderAndNumber masterQualitySlider;
Added: private DropDownTreeView masterQualityDropDown;