Default export location logic has been reworked to make more sense to users, and to remove old confusing logic.

Compile Time Changes

The following functions have been changed:

// cm/core/settings/coreSettings.cm
Removed: public void putLastBrowseDir(Url);
Removed: public void putLastCADBrowseDir(Url);

// cm/core/settings/coreSettingsAdvancedPage.cm
Removed: public Url pdfSaveLocation(bool trace=true);
Removed: public Url cadSaveLocation(bool trace=true);
Added: public Url pdfSaveLocation(bool xtrace=true);
Added: public Url exportSaveLocation(bool xtrace=true);

The following globals have been removed:

Removed: public bool useDefaultSaveLocation;
Removed: public bool useDefaultCADSaveLocation;

The following methods on CoreSettingsAdvancedPage has been changed:

Removed: extend public Window makeSaveField(SubWindow);
Removed: extend public initSaveField();
Removed: extend public makePDFField(SubWindow, Display);
Removed: extend public void initPDFField();
Removed: extend public void makeCADField(SubWindow, Display);
Removed: extend public void initCADField();
Removed: extend public void saveDefaultPathValue(SaveDefaultUrlField, bool, bool);

Removed: extend public void updateCoreSettings(SaveDefaultUrlField w, bool reset);
Added: extend public void updateCoreSettings(SaveDefaultUrlField w);