Compile Time Changes

Moving NetObj2DArray to new package

The class NetObj2DArray in cm.core.msOffice.excel is now moved to

Removed: public class NetObj2DArray extends NetObj : deprecated {

Added: public class NetObj2DArray extends NetObj {

Minor changes to Core's Excel API

Before 14.5, ExcelObj.openWorkbook method is slightly different between cm.core.msOffice.ExcelObj and cm.abstract.interop.ExcelObj. In cm.core.msOffice.excel, ExcelObj.openWorkbook opens Excel Workbook as Read-only by default. To open Excel Workbook as writable, the only way was to use ExcelObj.openWritableWorkbook method. Meanwhile, ExcelObj.openWorkbook in cm.abstract.interop opens Excel Workbook as writable by default, and there were no options to open a workbook as Read-only.

Since cm.abstract.interop is more commonly used, some changes were made to Excel APIs in cm.core.msOffice.excel to standardise the behavior moving forward.

The following method in ExcelObj class has now been removed in 14.5.

// cm.core.msOffice.excel.ExcelObj
Removed: extend public ExcelWorkbook openWritableWorkbook(Url filePath) {

In addition, new readonly flag has now been added to ExcelObj.openWorkbook in 14.5 to support opening workbook in Read-only/Writable state. By default, workbook is opened as writable, to retain the same behavior as in cm.abstract.interop.

// cm.core.msOffice.excel.ExcelObj
Modified: extend public ExcelWorkbook openWorkbook(Url filePath, bool readonly=false) {

Migration is required if:

  • Workbook was intended to be opened as Read-only before 14.5
  • ExcelObj.openWritableWorkbook was used to open workbook as writable before 14.5.