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DsRuleType is now vendor specific

DsRuleType catalog entity is now fixed to be vendor specific (as per the OFDA schema, similar to Features and Products). Following the convention, DsRuleType is associated a particular by having the vendor code stored in the class: a new vendor field as added.

// DsRuleType (cm/abstract/dataSymInterface/catalog/
Added: `private str _vendor
Added: extend public str vendor()
Added: extend public str vendor=(str vend)


Some common abstract material handling debug tools have been moved and consolidated into cm.abstract.materialHandling.debug package, and some automated test methods have been renamed for clarity:

public void appendMhDebugContainerLimbs(LibraryLimb root, symbol pkg=#:package : caller eval)

- Old: public void initTestSuite() {
New: public void mhInitTestSuite() {

- Old: public void runnerTestSuite() {
New: public void mhRunnerTestSuite() {

- Old: public void compileAll() {
New: public void mhCompileAll() {